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Pop in for a Bike Fit.

Bike-fit… “ When I hear this I still think of the words elite or expensive… Not anymore! Not now that Pop Up Bikes in Manchester is offering a fitting service for just £50.00. Male or Female, Racer or Tourer… if you have a bike… you can have a bike fit. I was asked to appear in the promo video (scroll down) for their new service and so I brought along my custom made touring frame and the set up I have had for good few years thinking that no change would be needed. It’s worth mentioning here that I’d actually had a bike fit a few years previously to measure me up for the design of my custom frame and I was happy with it…that was enough wasn’t it? However Mike the in-house Bike Mechanic measured me up and did change a few bits. My cleats were moved back a touch and my saddle lowered and to my pleasant surprise it felt better. Immediately my pedalling was a little smoother, more efficient. I’m tall, I have long legs and I have my saddle quiet high. (my female cycling pals make jokes about my saddle being up to their t*ts) but I recently acquired longer cranks and I still hadn’t got the height of my saddle just right… So being measured up was actually something I needed, I just didn’t realise it. I think that’s the problem sometimes we just get used to our current set up and that’s good enough. But speaking from past experience something doesn’t have to hurt initially for it to cause problems… for example if you are over stretching while pedalling by a couple of mm this can build over time to become an injury. As my bike fitting experience goes to show, even if you are happy and currently pain free with your ride it is beneficial to have a check over and for the price…well! Anything that can further customise your ride to prevent injury and make the experience in the saddle better, in terms of comfort and speed then that’s worth every penny!                

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