Bikes & That | by Jennifer Doohan

Cycling Japan.

On the plane over to Japan, I’d read about a cycling road – ‘Shimanami kaido’. It starts in Onomichi (Hiroshima Prefecture) and via various suspension bridges ends in Imbari. I had to go there… shimanami_kaido_map This clip made me smile and reminded me of how travelling makes you feel so alive. It inspires me to go back to Japan one day with my own bike to explore the whole of Shimanami kaido and cycle tour around the country. Visiting Japan was a dream that I worked hard to make come true. Maybe Japan 2.0 – with bikes can be another one.

We win or lose within ourselves.

Honister Pass Climb Lake District This poem was written by George Moriarty, a former major baseball umpire. I especially love the last lines. Despite its link to baseball…I do think it very relevant to cycling. The message is that it’s the trying, the taking part, the pitting of you against you. That’s all that matters ultimately. That and cake…

I was in a TV ad!

So they say  that when one door closes another one opens. And  the more I live my life, the more I have come to believe that. What’s on the other side of the door is not always what you originally wanted or expected. Sometimes it’s better!

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