• You may have heard of the Transcontinental Race.  A race ‘for the crazies’* across Europe of over two thousand miles and a lung busting amount of ascent. The race was started by Trans Am race winner and fastest man to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle Mike Hall, and his partner Anna Haslock.

The TCR is in it’s fourth year and is growing in popularity for good reason. But this time around Mike and Anna wanted to do things a little differently, with some additional help. While they were out on the road they needed a pair of eyes to watch over things, one point for all of the information from the road, from volunteers etc. to flow in to and a person for the relatives of the riders to contact. They needed a Race Coordinator, and this is something I decided I could do. I would be back from my Italian adventures by then and available, so I applied!

After the application form filling and waiting, I found myself being short listed for the role. I was very flattered and excited about it.  They were interested in what I could offer Race side, and also in my cycling photography too. Awesome! – To the power of social media.

Fast forward a few weeks and after a Skype interview for the coordinator role and a chat regarding photography for a side project I waited to hear whether I had been successful.

Around one week later it turns out that I was not to be the Race Coordinator, as is life. However I am the fall-back should they require it  – which is fine with me. And I might well be at the start in Geraardsbergen, Belgium where the atmosphere promises to be electric with final race preparation and anticipation.

All was not lost however, for I took advantage of another opportunity Mike and Anna presented and so was commissioned as a photographer to document one of their new projects named Ride. Eat. Make. –  Cycling weekends in Snowdonia.

The weekend retreat was a success for all involved and the photographs are a great representation of what Mike and Anna have to offer. So that is how not getting a job, turned into getting an entirely different one, making some new contacts and friends along the way.

A small sample of the photographs.

For more see here

Stwlan Dam Climb
A5 Road
Mike Hall

* Juliana Buhring.